Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Beach by Leire


Make an Animoto video

  • Go to FlickrStorm
  • Think of a topic that interests you and write it in the search box
  • Click on advanced and the option Search creative commons photos
  • Download the photos you like (you need 12 - 15) to the class folder on the computer
  • When you save your photos, give them a name you'll be able to recognise them by
  • Now go to Animoto
  • Click on Sign up to create a new account - quick and easy to do
  • Now click on Create video
  • Select Animoto short
  • Click on Upload
  • Find the folder where you downloaded the photos you saved earlier and select them
  • Once your photos have uploaded, think of some text to add and click on add text
  • Drag and drop your text to where you want it in the video then click on Continue
  • In Get your music, choose Select from our collection and select something you like
  • Give your video a title and click on Create video
  • When your movie is complete (which takes a time), view it
  • Now click on the option Enbed/Post online (the pin icon) and then on Blogger
  • When prompted, fill in the email address you use for signing into Blogger and your password - the title of this blog should appear in the pop up menu
  • For Title of post put the title of your video.
  • Click on OK and Animoto should advise you that your video has been posted on the blog

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

On Rihanna


Read, listen and record a podcast

  1. Read your classmates' posting on their favourite groups and singers.
  2. Chose one that you think you have the most to say about (it could be because you like them too or because you think they are really bad). Pay particular attention to what your classmate has said about why the group/singer has been successful.
  3. Go to Podomatic
  4. Log in with the login I've given you
  5. Click on My Podcast
  6. Click on Post New Episode
  7. Click on Record with your webcam or microphone
  8. Click on Record and talk about what you think is interesting about the group or singer and say whether you think they deserve the success they have had.
  9. Preview what you have recorded and click on Next step
  10. Give the episode a title e.g. Ann on Rihanna
  11. Click on Next step
  12. Skip the next page by clicking on Next step
  13. Skip the next page by clicking on Next step
  14. Click on Post Episode
  15. Click on My Podcast Page
  16. Click on the title of your episode
  17. Copy its URL (address) from the browser
  18. Create a New Post on the blog
  19. Give it a title e.g. Ann on the Rihanna
  20. Write the word "podcast" and create a link (clicking on the chain icon) to your podcast episode.