Wednesday, 3 June 2009

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Perfect holidays

In my perfect holidays I would like to rent a rural house with my friends to stay there for four days. On the first day, in morning we would do paint-ball and in afternoon we may go out into pubs and bars.

On the second day, we might climb some mountains and have a lunch and a dinner in the top of the mountain.

On the third day, in morning we would climb a mountain and have lunch in the top of it. At nigh we may listen to Siniestro Total's concert.

And on the fourth day we might go to the museum of the car and be there in moorning. At afternoon we may stay at rural house sleeping or having fun.

Talking about holidays

Write a post saying what you would like to do for your holidays.
- tell us about the place you'd like to visit
- what you'd like to do and see there
- include photos to illustrate the things you describe in your post

For my holidays I would like to go to U.S.A and to Greece.

At first I would go to the United States which is situated in central North America, and make a visit to all the country, a guided tour.

Once I was there, the first city I would visit it is Washington because is the capital of U.S.A and because I would like to visit the White House, then New York because of the skyscrapers and in the end I would visit Orlando because of the Warner Bros.

White House

New York city

Although, I would visit all the country so I think I will spend one month in United States.

Another country that I would like to visit on holidays is Greece where I would go by cruise. When I was there I would visit the most important islands like Hermoupolis, Andros, Icaria ... and after that I would go to Athens and visit the Parthenon and the Olympic Stadium.

After visit all those places I think I would have a relaxing week in an hotel in Macedon and go back to Spain.

San Francisco

This summer I would like to go to San Francisco. Since I'm young, I'd like to go to there because I always see this city in films. I love the parks , the people, the food .... I would like to stay with a family in their house to learn more about their culture and about the city.If I stayed there, I would improve my English and meet some new people .

There I would like to visit all the famous places like the Golden Gate bridge, the modern art museum,the Golden Gate park.... If I went there, I would a lot of photos to shaw them to all my friends and to my family.

I would like to eat some typical San Francisco food to try it .Moreover I would to go shopping to Union Square because is a well-known shopping district. In San Francisco the baseball is one of the most important sports so I would like to go to a match and also practise it.

In conclusion, these would be my perfect holidays.I would spent all my time there enjoying my jobies , learning English and meeting people.