Wednesday, 27 May 2009

San Francisco

This summer I would like to go to San Francisco. Since I'm young, I'd like to go to there because I always see this city in films. I love the parks , the people, the food .... I would like to stay with a family in their house to learn more about their culture and about the city.If I stayed there, I would improve my English and meet some new people .

There I would like to visit all the famous places like the Golden Gate bridge, the modern art museum,the Golden Gate park.... If I went there, I would a lot of photos to shaw them to all my friends and to my family.

I would like to eat some typical San Francisco food to try it .Moreover I would to go shopping to Union Square because is a well-known shopping district. In San Francisco the baseball is one of the most important sports so I would like to go to a match and also practise it.

In conclusion, these would be my perfect holidays.I would spent all my time there enjoying my jobies , learning English and meeting people.

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