Wednesday, 22 April 2009

in our name

In our names we would help poor people to have a better life. For example, we would suggest to the Government to create associations to help these people by giving them work to earn money or offering them food and clothes. When foreign people are sick they could provide doctors for them and when they are ilegal help them to become citizen. When they can't have a good education
we could help them with that problem offering them a free school.

Night life

poverty Maria and Laura

In our opinion it's a good idea that people do this for poverty in the world.
In our name we would go to poor countries to be with them and help with medicines because they haven't got anything when they are ill, so most of them die.We would help them by teaching, we could teach them to count or to read because that is the most essential point of teaching.We could help them with food because they always eat the same and this is very unhealthy for everyone, they have to eat more different types of food.But often they don't have anything to eat, and we could help them with this by bringing from our country different types of food like potatos, spaghetti, bread, whatever.
We would like to collaborate too with other people who are colaborating.