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Barack Obama's inauguration speech

What does he promise and pledge to do?
What do you think about his promises?

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Bilbao, in Spain, is the largest city in the Basque Country. The most important river there is the Nervión River.

It has about 360,000 inhabitants. Bilbao is also considered to be around the towns Erandio, Sondika, Derio, Zamudio,

Etxebarri, Basauri and Barakaldo.
Bilbao was founded by Diego Lopez de Haro on 15 June 1300.
The older part of Bilbao is the Old Town or "Casco Viejo" where there are many monuments, shops and tavems.

The most important museum of Bilbao is the Guggenheim. It's a modern and contemporary art museum.

It was designed by a Canadian man and the museum was opened in 1997. There is another Guggenheim in

the world that it's in United States of America. The exhibitions in the museum itself change often. It's centered

in Chinesse and Russian art. There is an important sculture called "Puppy" by Jeff Koons in front of the museum.

There is also another important museum that is the Maritime museum.

Athletic Club Bilbao is the football team of Bilbao.

The club plays in "primera división" since it's started en 1928.

They have won the league in eight ocassions.
They are famous as the "rojiblancos" because of their red and white

striped shirts. Their stadium is called San Mamés. Athletic only

signs to native proffesionals players.
The San Mamés stadium is hence nicknamed "the footlball


The university of Deusto is important too. It was founded in 1886. It is one of the most important institutions of Spain. The university has another campus in San Sebastian.

The cod pil pil is very typical in Bilbao. When the people came here

they usually try it and like it. The "pintxos" are also popular here and

the place where we eat them is in the "Casco Viejo".

In my opinion Bilbao is very beautiful and it has a lot of things to do here. The people who came

here always or usually like it, and the museum is the part most visited.

This week's tasks

Check carefully through your hometown post make sure:
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  • make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes
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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My home town.

My home town is Bilbao because I have lived there since I was born. It´s a small city in the north of Spain. When I was younger I wanted to go to live in a big city like Madrid or Barcelona but now I have changed my opinion because I think that Bilbao is great. I think that it isn´t very dangerous and you can feel safe because it´s very small and there isn´t much people. There are very many pubs too, in the `casco viejo´and there´s a very important museum called Guggenheim.

There´s a very important and prestigious university called `Deusto´s university´ where you can study many degrees. There centre of the city is Gran Via street where you can find the most famous and beautiful shops for clothes. This is part of the city that I like most.

If you go to Bilbao you should eat "bacalao al pil pil" which is very delicious!

My home town

The city where I live is Bilbao. It´s not very big but it´s very beautiful and interesting because you can do lots of thing,like visit very interesting places .Bilbao is in the north of Spain,in the Basque Country. Bilbao has 354.145 habitants.The mayor of Bilbao is Iñaki Azkuna.

Themountains which are next to Bilbao is Gorbea, which the half of the mountain is in Alava and the other half is in Bizkaia and it´s high is 1481 metres.Pagasarri is 673 metres and the Ganekogorta which is next to Pagasarri and it´s 998 metres high.Bilbao´s nickname is the hole.

The climate of Bilbao isn´t very pleasant ,because it rains a lot . In winter the are more or less from 3 degrees to 10 , and in summer the weather is better but the summers aren´t very hot.

The most beautiful places of Bilbao are the Guggenheim museum, the Nervion River which is very important.And the oldest part of the city. Most of the people who come to Bilbao visit those places.

Bilbao's football team it's Athletic club.They have been playing in the firts divition since 1928.And they have won the liga eigth times.The stadium of this team is San Mames and it's nickname is "the football cathredal".Athletic it's the only team who has all the players from the Basque Country.Their t-shirt is striped red and white and their manager is Joaquin Caparros.My favourite player is Yeste, because he is a very good player and he aports a lot to the team.

Inmy opinion,the people who live there are very nice.Lots of people come to visit this city and they say that they like it very much,and that the food is one of the best of the world.

Bilbao by Mikel

I´m going to write about Bilbao, the city where I live. Bilbao is the capital of the province of Biscay and one of the most important city in Spain. Bilbao has 354,145 inhabitants and all the villages around Bilbao compose Great Bilbao, with 950,155inhabitants. Some years ago, Bilbao was really important because of industry and port, the fourth port in Spain.
I live in a small area in the north of Bilbao called Begoña. Begoña is important because of its basilica and the Etxebarria park. The Basilica of Begoña is a beautiful Gothic church built in the 17th century. The Virgin of Begoña is the most important Virgin for the people of Biscay. Etxebarria Park is the biggest park in Bilbao and some years ago there were some factories and now there is a big fireplace in memory of these factories.
Gran Via is the most important street in Bilbao and one of the widest. In Gran Via there are the most fashion shops and business buildings. If you like going shopping this is the best place . Here there is the highest building of all Bilbao: the BBVA building.
If you like sports there is a good basketball team in Bilbao called Iurbentia Bilbao Basket. This team plays in the ACB league and it has become a really good team. Iurbentia plays in La Casilla court, a small court but a beautiful place to see all the matches.

My home town, Bilbao.

My home town is Bilbao.It is in the north of Spain,in the Basque Country.It isn't as big as Donosti or Vitoria, the other cities of the Basque Country. There are 354,145 inhabitants in Bilbao. The city hall of Bilbao is on the old part of the city. The mayor is Iñaki Azkuna.

In the old part of the city there is the Arriaga theatre and the "Plaza Nueva". There are also some comercial streets.In the old part of the city there are some bars of "Pintxos".It is a little snack that people eat at the same time that they drink. Many Pintxos are very tasty.

The rest of the centre of Bilbao are the areas of Abando, Moyua and Indautxu.The "Paseo de Uribitarte" goes from Abando to Moyua along side to Nervion river. People go there to ride a bicycle, to rolling or simply for a walk. It is a beautiful paseo. If you go along, you arrive to the Guggenheim museum which is an art gallery.

Around of Bilbao there are many mountains like Gorbea (1482 metres high), Anboto (1331 metres high), Pagasarri (673 metres high). In my opinion you can see very beautiful sceneries from the top of these mountains.

The climate of Bilbao is very wet.

Many people of Bilbao are fanatic of the football team Athletic Club. This team is playing in the liga since 1928. They t-shirts are striped red and white.Athletic only sings professional players who were born in one of the seven provinces of the Baque Country.Their stadium is called San Mamés and it is nicknamed " the football cathedral".

If you came to the Baque Country come to visit Bilbao. It's very beautiful city!


My home town is Bilbao.
I live in Bilbao since I born.
The most important building in Bilbao is the Guggenheim museum.
Guggenheim museum is a modern and contemporary art museum designed by Canadian.

Another building important in Bilbao is the Arriaga Theatre. Is an opera house in Bilbao, Spain. It was built in Neoclassical style by architect Joaquín Rucoba in 1890.

An other site to visit is Old part of the city.

The tipical food in Bilbao is the bacalao.

Bilbao has a football team in the Spanish First Division men.

His name is Athletic Club and it was founded in 1898 and it won 8 leagues.

Bilbao was too a basketball team called Iurbentia Bilbao Basket.



My home town is Bermeo. But it's a long time since I have lived in there, I moved away when I was four. I left Bermeo because I had to study in Deusto. However, now I like Deusto more than Bermeo.

In Bermeo they sell a lot of fishes. You can eat the best "marmitako" anywhere in Bermeo. There are also shops where you can buy fishing products .

Bermeos high school is one the most difficult ones. One of the most important student of the high school is Nestor Barrenetxea, he is a sculptor and there is a place in the park of Bermeo where yo can see his sculptures.

In Bermeo there is a shipyard where the ships made of wood, not with metal. There is the museum of the fishing and a Church and Convent of San Francisco that it's 652 years old.

If you go to Bermeo you can visit the Kaixio bar, and the batun-batun pub, they are one of the best bars of Bermeo. And in the port you can find an Italian ice-cream parlour.

Bilbo by Aritz

Bilbo is an interesting city in the north of Spain ( in the northwest of the Basque Country ) It is the capital of Bizkaia and the most important city in the Basque Country because of its industry and population ( 354,145 inhabitants (2006).

The most important building in Bilbo is the Guggenheim museum that is located near the Nervion River, the river that crosses all the city. This museum is designed by Frank Gehry. The museum has the shape of a modern ship, and it has a lot of curves. I suggest you walk along the river, because you can see the most important buildings of Bilbo ( Zubizuri, The Council, University of Deusto, Euskalduna...).

Bilbo also has a very modern underground, built in 1995. It is the cleanest underground in the world and one of the most beautiful. It has got two lines but they are building a third line.

Finally there is a famous soccer team in Bilbo, Athletic Club de Bilbao. It is a historic team of the national first division and I suggest you to see a match of this club at San Mames, the cathedral of the Spanish soccer. It is a special club, there are only basque people playing in it.

Bilbo is a very beautiful city and I suggest you to visit it with your family or any of your friends.


The city where I live is Bilbao.This city it's in the the north of Spain in the basque country.It's a little city which contains 354,145 habitants.Bilbao it's also named "The botxo", it was founded the 15 of June in 1300.The mayor of Bilbao is Iñaki Azkuna.Bilbao is surrounded by mountais for example Artxanda or Pagasarri and by little cities like Erandio, Sondika and Derio.Add ImageBilbao has an oceanic climate.

In Bilbao there are some museums like the Guggenheim Museum, Fine arts Museum,Maritime Museum...but the most important is the first one.The Guggeenheim Museum of Bilbao is a tcontemporary art museum designed by Canadian:Frank Gehry.Is near the Nervion river.Is one of the places the most beautifual of Bilbao and a lot of tourist came to sea it.I like it very much because is a very original museum and there is also a park.

The tipical food of Bibao is the "bacalao".I think that is very tasty and makes a good meal.I often eat it but is not very easy to make. We can do "bacalao al pil-pil,bacalao a la vizcaina..."

The football team of Bilbao is the Atletic Club and the basketball coach is the Iurbentia Bilbao Basket.I often go to sea them to the San mames, the stadium.


My home town is Bilbao which is a city of Spain. Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country and it has long streets for walking in. I would like to mention special buildings like the Guggenheim Museum, Euskaldun Theatre or the old part of the city.

The Basque Country has a very varied food which we can emphasize the fish like "Bacalao al Pilpil" or "Cocochas". Other kinds of foods are nice but the fresh fish is better because Bilbao is close to the sea and they had a fishing industry.

Bilbao has great universities like University of Deusto which is one of the most important institutions of Spain and the Bilbao campus offers different studies. University of Bilbao was created in 1968 and it is a public university

In addition people do many sports like soccer, basketball but specially they go surfing which is practiced in the beaches. Bilbao has a football team which is called Athletic Club of Bilbao.
Why don't you come to Bilbao?


My home town is Bilbao. I've lived here since I was born. There are different languages, apart from Spanish people speaks Basque. I think it's very interesting place to visit because it has a lot of places to see like the Guggenheim Museum or the Arriaga Theatre.

It's easy to find fresh fish because Bilbao is in the North of Spain and the sea is nearby. Also you can find good meat and other kinds of food. But one of the most typical dishes is "Chipirones en su tinta". They are black and they haven´t got a beautiful appearance, however in my opinion they are delicious.

Bilbao was founded by Don Diego López de Haro on 15 June 1300. The Old Part of the city is called "Old Bilbao", Bilbao La Vieja or Bilbo Zarra and there you can walk and eat in many bars.

Bilbao has got a football team with a lot of fans and a big stadium, San Mamés.

So, if you are in the north of Spain, why don't you come to Bilbao?

My home town

My home town is Bilbao.

Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country. I have been living here since I was born so when I am older I would like to continue living here with my friends and my family. Bilbao is not big or small but you have all you need to live well.

In my opinion Bilbao´s weather is cold and specially in the winter. In summer the weather is hotter but not enough for me. In July I go to the south of Spain there the weather is really hot.

If you go to Bilbao and you love shopping like me you should visit some zones like Moyua Abando or Indautxu. There you will find lots of shops to buy clothes, shoes, earrings...

Apart from the shops you can find gardens and places to rest. This is my favourite zone in Bilbao.

And if one of your hobbies is football you should see team football matche´s. It is the one which represents our city and I love going to San Mames to see them. W hen they lose I don´t like but if they the win it is really good!

Finally I wuold encourage you to visit Bilbao and specially the zones I have meant.

Your home town

Look at my post on my home town, Leicester.

Now write a post on your home town. Make it as interesting as you can so that anybody reading your post would like to visit it. Try to avoid cliches such as: Bilbao is very beautiful or Athletic is the best football club in the world!

Do a Google search or look up your town in Wikepedia to find information that perhaps you didn't know about and can improve your post.

But remember: no copying and pasting! Everything you write should be in your own words. And don't forget do do a spellcheck before you publish your post.


My home town is Leicester which, for some reason, you pronounce as "Lesta". But it's a long time since I have lived in there, I moved away when I was seventeen. Then I thought it a very boring place, not particularly big or small, and wanted to live somewhere more exciting. However, now I think differently. There is a great cultural mix in the city with many people second, third and fourth generation immigrants.

You can eat the best Indian food anywhere in Leicester. It's particularly good for vegetarian recipes that originate from the south of India. There are also shops where you can buy material for saris, ingredients for Jamaican dishes and whole streets where Kenyan jewellers display their wares.

Leicester University has an international reputation based on the fact that both students and teachers are engaged in research about space. Leicester Physicists (led by Professor Ken Pounds) played an important role in proving Einstein's General Theory of Relativity - that black holes exist and are common in the universe.

And if you are in search of history, you will find some of the most important Roman remains in the whole of Europe dating from around AD 50 when the city was used as a military settlement.

So if you are thinking of a trip to England, you can see that it's well worth planning a stop there.