Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The holidays of my dreams

For my next holidays I would like to visit many estranges and interesting places and cities like Africa or India.


ggggAfrica (Sahara)ggggggggggggggggIndia(Taj Mahal)

First of all, I would like to visit Africa's deserts and stay there for a long time to learn the culture and customs of people who had lived there all their life.
There, I would enjoy going along the deserts riding a camel. There I would be able to cope with the heat or I wish that! On the one hand I would have to survive eating disgusting animals like scorpions and sleeping in uncomfortable tents. It would be really unpleasant! But on the other hand I think that I wouldn't forget it in my hole life and I think that I would learn many interesting things and it would be really fascinating.

Then I would like to visit India and wear the spectacular clothes that they wear everyday. I would like to help poor children who live there too because I think that they don't deserve to have an indecent childhood. I would taste the extrange foods of there too, as in Africa. But I think that the most interestintg part of my trip to India would be to visit beautiful palaces like Taj Mahal.
Other beautiful places would be the markets. There they sell all kind of things that you need in your everyday life. They are very beautiful because they sell especially colorful clothes and carpets.

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