Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Talking about holidays

Write a post saying what you would like to do for your holidays.
- tell us about the place you'd like to visit
- what you'd like to do and see there
- include photos to illustrate the things you describe in your post

For my holidays I would like to go to U.S.A and to Greece.

At first I would go to the United States which is situated in central North America, and make a visit to all the country, a guided tour.

Once I was there, the first city I would visit it is Washington because is the capital of U.S.A and because I would like to visit the White House, then New York because of the skyscrapers and in the end I would visit Orlando because of the Warner Bros.

White House

New York city

Although, I would visit all the country so I think I will spend one month in United States.

Another country that I would like to visit on holidays is Greece where I would go by cruise. When I was there I would visit the most important islands like Hermoupolis, Andros, Icaria ... and after that I would go to Athens and visit the Parthenon and the Olympic Stadium.

After visit all those places I think I would have a relaxing week in an hotel in Macedon and go back to Spain.

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