Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My perfect holidays

If I have to prepare perfect holidays I would like to go to "Las Vegas" and to Hawaii.

Las Vegas is the most popular city in the United State of Nevada. Las Vegas, is famous for the number of casinos and associated entertainment.

I would like to go to Las Vegas with my friends without parents when I am eighteen. There I want to visit all the casinos it has and also visit and a really amazing ride. Here I have included a video, so you can see how the attraction is like .

In my opinion this attraction it´s too frightening if you aren´t brave. Because, you have to know that you are situated on the top of a one hundred four floor. Then you sit down in a type os car (more or less) and you go down a slope but always in the same height.

This attraction would be interesting to go on at night because you could see incredible views.

I think it is the best attraction on the world, however I am not sure that I would be brave enough to go on it.

I would also like to go to Hawaii.

I love the beaches and I´m my opinion in Hawaii there are the best beaches on the world. The beaches are very beautiful as you can see in the picture.
< The picture is one of the many beaches you can find in Hawaii.
As well, in Hawaii you have all you need to live well. You have shops, supermarkets, places to have fun...

Going to these two places would be really good and I am sure that I´m going to go.

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