Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My perfect holidays.

This summer I would like to go to Malta. It's an island to the south of Italy. It's a nice place where the temperature is high and it's always sunny. There are a lot of beaches and the sea is beautiful. It's blue like the sky.

The people who live there are very friendly and nice.
The food there is better than in Spain, in my opinion and there are tasty pizzas there.
What I want to see there are the islands of Comino and Gozo. And in the north of the island I want to see The Valleta that is a place where there are a lot of beaches and cliffs. I would visit the Hilton hotel that is great and enormous.
At night there's many parties there and I would go to the discos and meet other people. There are a lot of monuments too that I want to visit. I'd like to visit the most important cities historically where there are ruins and strange caves

This photo on the left is Paceville, the party zone.
I'd like stay with a family and go with them to places that they would show me.
Those would be my perfect holidays.

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